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We are having a swimathon to raise money for Bambigi. Anyone can participate either by yourself or part of a team. Not a swimmer? We will be having a BBQ, jumping castle and other entertainment, so come and cheer on the swimmers. 

Sunday 28th July

Griffith Aquatic Centre - Free Entry

10am – 1.30pm

Individual swimmers

Email us at bambigi@yahoo.com to get a sponsorship book then just go get some sponsors. Come to the pool on the 28 July and see how many laps you can swim between 10am and 1.30pm. Everyone who swims will get a prize. Prizes will also be awarded to the person who swims the most laps, the person who raises the most money and the first five people who collects their sponsorship money and hands it in to Bambigi.


Don't have a lot of time to swim or get sponsors? Prefer to be part of a team? Get a team of five swimmers together and just pay they $50 entry fee to enter your team. Your team will be allocated 30 minutes to swim as many laps as you can (only one swimmer in the water at a time). The team that swims the most laps in 30 minutes will be crowned the Swimathon Champions!  


  • Let an official know when you are ready to start. We will have lanes for different levels of swimmers, the official will put you in the lane that best suits you.

  • Diving is not permitted. You will need to start in the water.

  • You can swim any stoke you like and change as often as you like.

  • You will be sharing lanes with other swimmers, so backstroke is not recommended.

  • You can use buoyancy aids/kick boards.

  • Swim close to the left side of the lane.

  • If the swimmer behind you touches your feet, it is a signal for you to stop at the end of that lap and let them go in front of you.

  • Only overtake when it is safe to do so. We recommend overtaking at the end of each lap.

  • You are only allowed to exit the pool for a toilet/drink break (10 minutes)

  • One lap is 25m

  • We will have lap counters, but we encourage each swimmer to try and keep track of how many laps they have swum


When you have completed your laps take your sponsor form to the official’s desk located at the end for the pool for marking and to get your prize

Rules on the day